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Epic Trails stands for extraordinary mountain bike tours in Central Asia. Our tours aim at combining authentic experiences with the joy of mountain biking. For this purpose, we select only the best routes and gear and apply the highest of standards when organising and carrying out our tours.

We design all our tours ourselves after extensive exploration. We have scrutinised every metre, tried every trail, slept in hotels, guest houses and yurts, and jumped into all the rivers and lakes along the way. Only when a tour really excites us, do we add it to our program.

You do not need to be a top athlete to take part in one of our tours. We have evaluated the level of difficulty and physical challenge for each tour and listed them in the corresponding tour description. During our trips, we focus on the country and its people as well as the simple joy of cycling. That means you will have plenty of time for taking pictures and breaks along the way.

Travelling in Central Asia means giving up a certain level of comfort. Tourism is often still in the early stages and in many places, especially in the countryside, there is little infrastructure for tourists. This is what makes travelling in Central Asia so exciting. We do, however, try to offer the utmost comfort possible during our trips. We select our accommodation according to high standards of quality depending on the local offer and provide comprehensive and comfortable equipment (e.g. two-person tent for single use, comfortable sleeping mats, pillows, toilets, shower tent and large group tent) when camping.

Our Team


Stefan Ebert

(Founder of Epic Trails)

Like many Western Europeans, for a long time I didn’t even know that Kyrgyzstan existed, let alone where it was located. But my profession as a sociologist brought me to Kyrgyzstan in 2012. I was overwhelmed. I had not expected such breath-taking landscapes and warm hospitality. In the following years my enthusiasm did not wane. I spent every free minute exploring the different corners of the country with friends, either by foot, bicycle or ski. The experiences and inspiration that I gained from the various tour groups were what made me decide to turn my passion into my profession.

My personal highlight so far has been the five-month journey I undertook from Kyrgyzstan to Germany by bicycle.



(Tour Coordinator Kyrgyzstan)

Born in 1981, Artiom is the glue that holds our Kyrgyzstan tours together. Without him, we would have empty stomachs on our tours and be forced to carry our luggage ourselves. Having grown up in a family that was active in bicycle and mountain tourism in Kyrgyzstan during the Soviet era, he has been exploring Kyrgyzstan since his early childhood. He loves his homeland and fully dedicates his life to working with tourists. In his spare time, he loves exploring the mountains and discovering new places together with his Laika dog, Gerda.



(Tour Coordinator Pamirs)

He is invaluable when crossing the Pamirs. As a native Bartangi born in 1978, Avaz knows the Pamir Mountains like the back of his hand. Even as a child he loved listening to the stories of the old people who passed on their knowledge. Thanks to his studies in Tajik history and philology he has an inexhaustible knowledge of his homeland. Since 2008 he has been working with tourists. He sees tourism as a good opportunity to generate sustainable income for the region. He loves cycling, fishing and meeting a wide range of people in order to learn more about their lives, professions, views and home countries.